“Through a point by point analysis of the production process and associated estimates, EVP constantly delivers return to our bottom line even when we tied their hands”

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We work with national, regional and global advertisers to review more than $950M in advertising production costs each year. Our deep roster of clients and cumulative knowledge of production processes give us a broad overview of the marketplace spanning the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Banking/Financial/Insurance
  • Beauty/Cosmetics/Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaged Foods
  • Consumer Services/Retail Stores
  • Corporate Image/Media Promotion
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology/Hardware & Software
  • Restaurants
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel/Hospitality



A Client had two consulting companies covering three major automotive brands when EVP was named exclusive consultant across all three brands. Once the business was awarded, the Client challenged EVP to reduce costs in the first year by 20%.

EVP launched a Cost Control Summit to identify potential savings opportunities. The Summit team included client marketing and purchasing, agency account directors, print and broadcast production, and EVP.

The Summit team identified 10 potential ideas and developed action plans for implementation. Final savings categories included: targeted average costs-per-spot, running footage, residuals, computer imaging for print, preferred rates for prepress, retouching and storage.


EVP, Client & Agency collaborated to:

  • Develop target costs for spots of different levels (launch, running footage, etc.).
  • Extend use of client’s Reverse Auction tool to photography.
  • Develop a ‘break out team’ led by EVP to focus on furthering the Client’s efforts to use CGI-created product in place of original photography.
  • Reduce prepress and retouching rates for print ads and collateral.
  • Develop a policy against the production of one-offs to push the advantages of packaging opportunities.
  • Develop new best practices for evaluation of creative and bidding process which included identification of Cost Drivers at creative presentation.
  • Identify $24MM in potential savings during the year of the Cost Summit.



A Client asked its Agency for estimated costs to run two commercials (:60 and :30) on the internet and in an industrial setting. Based on the talent count, the Agency provided costs for each spot. EVP reviewed the estimate and backup numbers.

EVP determined the Agency had used Screen Actors Guild (SAG) minimum scale rates in their calculations and that there were no mathematical errors. However, numbers were unusually high due to the large talent count in each spot.

We determined the :30 commercial was a cut-down of the :60. If industrial and internet usage were paid for the :60, then no additional payments were necessary to run the :30 at the same time. The Agency was not aware of this SAG rule.


• Due to EVP’s knowledge of the Screen Actors Guild’s Commercial Contract, the client ran the :30 spot on the internet and in an industrial setting without spending the $93,394.00 the Agency had initially estimated.




A Client requested EVP’s participation in pursuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to leverage their annual budget of $5 million across multiple brand products and agency partners for Digital Retouching and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

EVP worked with the Client to assess the marketplace and select a small group of preferred suppliers in exchange for preferential pricing and services. EVP conducted a thorough assessment of a wide group of qualified vendors with the Client and Agency partners, evaluating process efficiencies and price points, eventually narrowing the field to three chosen partners.


  • 30% savings in first year of the 3-year program
  • 5% savings projected for years 2 and 3 of the 3-year program
  • Vendors selected are considered Best-in-Class
  • Program was well received by all agency partners due to the thorough qualification and assessment process
  • With anticipated volume, the selected vendors can continue to invest in new technology
  • Savings over the three year period is aggregated at 18%


“EVP has proven to be invaluable to our advertising production process as they have not only provided significant cost savings, but have earned the trust of our Finance & Procurement departments and helped streamline our approval timelines.”

Tim Chaney
Executive Director, Marketing Communications
Kia Motors America


"Having worked with EVP as both an agency lead and client side marketer, I’ve seen from all sides their unique ability to control costs while at the same time maintaining or even strengthening the creative product. In a world where money matters but the work is most important, we couldn’t have a better production partner than EVP."

Garth Knutson
VP, Consumer


“Through a point by point analysis of the production process and associated estimates, EVP constantly delivers return to our bottom line even when we tied their hands.”

Dave Brown
Director of Advertising


“EVP is a trusted partner and a great asset to our business. As we evaluate our advertising production spend and process, EVP is always there to provide us with invaluable advice and guidance as we've come to depend on their expertise in the area of advertising and production. In addition to the significant cost savings, they're a true partner and offer training opportunities for my team and often share their expertise whenever needed. As advertising and production budgets are often strained, EVP remains a critical partner to ensure we are spending our dollars wisely.”

Cindy Rozier
AVP - Brand, Media, Advertising, Sponsorships
Cricket Wireless


“EVP has provided tremendous value, not only in identifying cost savings and efficiencies, but they have been a great resource and adviser in various production related areas, as we push the creative boundaries with our non-traditional advertising approach.”

Nancy Inouye
Advertising & Media Manager


“EVP has done an excellent job of creating complete transparency between our marketing teams, agencies, and outside third party providers. In addition, the consistency of the process across multiple agencies makes it easier for the marketing teams to review proposed work.”

Ronald Jensen, Esq. | Director, Financial Synergies | Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.


“If you like saving money then you need EVP! It’s about managing to a budget and staying competitive in the marketplace. They’ve had my back for over six years!”

Rochelle Covington
Broadcast Manager
Dell | Global Brand


“EVP’s relationship with UPS began in 2003 and they continue to be a tremendously collaborative partner with us and our agencies. I aggressively recommend their services at every opportunity and without reservation.”

Scott Leslie
U.S. Advertising Supervisor

Edgewell Personal Care

“It’s so clear to me how effective you and the others have been at reducing our production costs. The Stewardship Reports are such a clear sign of this, but they don’t even tell the full story. I think that some in the production process are impacted just by knowing their work and the price proposals are going to be scrutinized.”

Ian McDonald
Senior Category Manager – Marketing Procurement
Edgewell Personal Care